Born and raised in Paris, BoBo House designer, Eloise Lapidus, was mesmerized by the sophistication, beauty, and effortless poetic nature of French women and the streets of the city they called home. BoBo House is comprised of classic pieces that are romantic while discreet and effortlessly sexy. The brand is inspired by a particular approach to life in Paris, the “Bourgeois-Bohème" (BoBo) – an individual that embraces stylistic independence, with a casualness that exudes an air of a refined conformist, an anti-elitist who revels in laid back luxury.

The collections include meticulously constructed, utilitarian pieces, which feature cheeky French phrases and imagery while creating the perfect wardrobe staples – ultra soft tees, tanks, pullovers, t-shirt dresses, and silk pieces that combines Parisian style and je-ne-sais-quoi, that serve as the foundation for an ultra-feminine, and downtown chic collection.

BoBo House is proudly made as sustainably as possible in Los Angeles, and celebrates Parisian poise and charm, while encompassing a sexy casualness and contemporary style that L.A. is notorious for.


Founder and designer, Eloise Lapidus brings her experience, fresh style, Parisian heritage and charm to her line, BoBo House. As daughter of world-renowned French designer, Ted Lapidus, and German model mother, Eloise’s keen fashion sense has been instilled in her ever since childhood, with her influences beginning early-on, watching her father meticulously refine his craft. Early exposure to the world of fashion has allowed Ms. Lapidus to harvest her designs through her experiences and create inspired pieces that transcend the confines of trend and possess a timeless appeal. 

After relocating to the US and graduating from the University of California, Berkeley in Art History, Eloise Lapidus truly showcases her talent and hones in on her passion with BoBo House.

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