Shipping + Handling


BoBo House is pleased to offer our customers personal guidance on any questions you may have regarding shipping and returns. Please contact us at with any questions


How long will it take for BoBo House to ship my order?


We make every effort to process and ship your order as quickly as possible. Typically, your goods will ship to you within 3 business days after you place your order. Please note that our warehouse is closed on the weekends and on American bank holidays, so order fulfillment may, on rare occasions, take up to 4 business days. 


I live in the US. What are my options?


Within the United States we ship via FedEx and USPS. 


I do not live in the US. What are my options? 


Internationally, in addition to FedEx International, we are able to offer USPS delivery options. USPS Priority Mail International is significantly less expensive than FedEx or UPS for international shipments, and many of our customers who do not live in the US find they are the best options. 


I live in Canada. What is my best option? 


The shipping costs quoted by FedEx to Canada are lower, but you will be assessed an additional importation fee. We generally recommend that our Canadian customers use USPS. 


For international shipments, how does BoBo House handle duties and taxes levied? 


You are responsible for the Duties and Taxes imposed by your country. They are not included in our shipping charge to you. As a business, we must label our international shipments appropriately or risk our ability to ship internationally. At this time, duties and fees imposed on imported clothing are the responsibility of the customer. In order to comply with export regulations, we are required by U.S. law to declare the exact value of all items ordered and to mark them as dutiable "merchandise." Declaring less than the true value is both a violation of American law and the laws of most other countries.


Tracking Your Order

As soon as your order is billed and shipped, we will send an email confirmation with information on how to get your shipment and tracking details.

To track your order please visit our website and click on the order status link. You will be able to get your FedEx or USPS tracking number by logging in and clicking on your order number. Enter that number at either or to check status of your online order.